‚Longing for belonging‘

This music is a hymn to the song and the story, to the word and the sound.
A declaration of love to melancholy and simplicity and an encounter with a longing, to belong, somewhere.
This music motherly embraces our yearning souls.

Debut-Solo-Album ‚Longing for belonging‘ will be released in 2019/2020.

Zola Mennenöh (D) – Voice, Guitar, Composition
Nicole Hogstrand (SE) – Viola da Gamba
Johanna Borchert (D) – Prepared Piano
Szymon Gasiorek (PL) – Drums

Guoste & Zola

SONNTAG (Mennenöh/Tamulynaite) is an improvising, international duo based in Copenhagen and Oslo. After meeting in the the beginning of 2018, the musicians quickly discovered their common interests in exploring the textural and tonal possibilities of their instruments while keeping the expression minimal and concrete. They work with nontraditional approaches to voice and piano by combining acoustic and electronic sounds. The music is responsive, gradually moving in different directions that can lead both to quiet, grainy, non-tonal parts, but also melodic, rhythmic, song-like fragments.

Zola Mennenöh – Extended Voice, Electronics
Guoste Tamulynaite – Prepared Piano, Synthesizer


The longing, in an intimate solo-setting.
Space and time.
Guitar, voice, field recordings.
For the stories, and the everyday-noises,
and the surroundings and the people.

Of Cabbages And Kings

Neo Acapella from Cologne

Veronika Morscher – Voice
Zola Mennenöh – Voice
Rebekka Ziegler – Voice
Laura Totenhagen – Voice


World-travelled american bass player, arranger and composer Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, John Zorn) and vocalist Zola Mennenöh play together since 2012 and dedicate their performances to the connection in the moment. To the creation of a space of trust, where anything is possible. Jazz, Blues, Americana and Improvised Music.
This duo is an open and playful approach to the gems of jazz history.

Zola Mennenöh (D) – Voice
Greg Cohen (US) – Double Bass

Other Collaborations

Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte und Chor
Ensemble O.
Kristian Tangvik‘ „Nullpluss“
Sung Sound
Christian Steyer’s Berliner Solistenchor