In her latest project „ZOLA“ she dedicates herself to the exploration of sound within her mainly acoustic ensemble.

With a minimalist use of delicate, yet driven vocals, raw viola da gamba string parts, fine prepared piano sounds, folky guitar patterns and drums that rarely play a beat, the ensemble creates a sophisticated sonic environment across which lyrical melodies are floating freely. This music is a hymn to simplicity and heart opener for our longing souls.

The debut album „LONGING FOR BELONGING“ will be released in 2019.

Zola Mennenöh (D) – Vocals, Guitar, Composition
Nicole Hogstrand (SE) – Viola da Gamba
Johanna Borchert (D) – Prepared Piano
Szymon Gasiorek (PL) – Drums

ZOLA solo


…is the stripped down solo version of ZOLA and the initial core of my work with my group.
It combines intimate, atmospheric songwriting with multilayered sound
collages, mainly created by my own field recordings, samples & tapes.

Zola Mennenöh – Vocals, Guitar, Field Recordings, Composition

Zola solo
Zola solo

Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE UND CHOR

It’s a marriage for love of Contemporary/FreeJazz and Gospel Music.
And there are lyrics too. Poems about food as a substitute for religion, written by the theatre dramaturg Thomaspeter Goergen and the food lover Sylvana Seddig.

Friederike Merz, Laura Winkler, Tobias Christl, Zola Mennenöh & many more – Choir
Johannes Schleiermacher (D) – Saxophone
Tobias Hoffmann (D) – Guitar
Andreas Lang (DK) – Double Bass
Max Andrzejewski (D) – Drums

Food Gospel


World-travelled american bass player, arranger and composer Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Lou Reed, John Zorn) and vocalist Zola Mennenöh play together since 2012 and dedicate their performances to the connection in the moment. To the creation of a space of trust, where anything is possible. Their repertoire is rooted in Jazz, Blues, Americana and Improvised Music. This duo is an open and playful approach to the gems of jazz history.

Zola Mennenöh (D) – Vocals
Greg Cohen (US) – Double Bass

Greg Cohen & Zola Mennenöh



Ensemble O. is an experimental, sound-oriented vocal ensemble based in Berlin.
Dora Osterloh’s compositions are created for four female voices as one instrument.
This instrument sings and whispers and speaks and howls, experiments and decides.
There is space for impsovisation, lyrics have meaning or function as sound-source.
The individual acts within the collective and interacts with the collective.
The ensemble members are all important characters of the young Berlin Jazz scene. In this project their personalities as artists and their solistic abilities come together to form an own body of sound.
Ensemble O. Is kindly supported by the Berlin Senate.

Dora Osterloh (D) – Vocals, Composition
Friederike Merz (D) – Vocals
Zola Mennenöh (D) – Vocals
Laura Winkler (AUT) – Vocals

Dora Osterloh Ensemble O.


Is my first Berlin based band project & the older sibling of ZOLA. It is featuring my own music which was released in 2015 on our EP „Sirens“, which you can still buy here.

Zola Mennenöh (D) – Voice, Composition
Daníel Fridrik Bödvarsson (IS) – Guitar
Igor Spallati (I) – Double Bass
Moritz Baumgärtner (D) – Drums


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Christian Steyer’s Berliner Solistenchor