„Zola Mennenöh is the only vocal student that I have encountered in
25 years of teaching music that improvises freely, and on a high creative level.
Her performance skills are second to none, and she generates
a musical atmosphere that can quiet an audience to a pin drop.
(Greg Cohen)


Zola Mennenöh is a vocalist, improviser, sound artist and composer born
in Wuppertal (Germany) in 1988. She is currently residing in Copenhagen (DK)
where she completes a Master of Music Performance at the
Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC).

After gaining recognition in Germany and Europe for her work and collaborations
with jazz musicians like Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Franz Zappa, Lou Reed…),
Max Andrzejewski’s (Hütte und Chor), Kurt Rosenwinkel or the National German
Jazz Bigband (Bujazzo), in recent years she has been focussing on developing
her own artistic & musical language.

Free from genre-defined, conventional perceptions of music, she is searching
for a holistic 
experience in music. She is currently researching on a synthesis
between abstract and concrete elements, between improvisation, the art of
sound and songwriting & how to collaborate with visual arts.

Recording & processing her own field recordings and vocal sounds she challenges
the format of a 
songwriter and melts the boundaries between composition,
improvisation, noise and melody. Constructing sonic worlds and giving birth
to a song in it, just to re-construct it right after, she is 
creating an acoustic collage
on behalf of John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Joni Mitchell or Björk.

Since 2017 Zola finds herself in a rewarding process with Sidsel Endresen and
Jenny Hval in Oslo 
and is currently working on three different releases
under her own name. THE SONIC SONGS (a musical suite for her
electro-acoustic ensemble), TAPE & COLLAGE WORKS (sound collage pieces
with collected and processed samples, solo work) and THE NOISE VOICE
(a piece for solo voice & electronics) – all to be released in late 2018/2019.